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The /r/Forex End of the Year super thread!

2015 is one week away from the history books. Hopefully it was a momentous year for you.
How was this year to you? Kind? Brutal? What did you learn?
Expectorate within; let's hear about what you made, what you learned, what you lost, what you regret and what you are looking forward to. We want to hear from n00bs and Old hats and everyone in between.
For me:
Pony up! Tell us about your 2015
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Forex Elliott Wave Zoom call 11-13 - YouTube Forex Market Analysis using Elliott Wave Elliott Wave Forex & Cryptocurrency Weekly Outlook 16-20 ... asx 200 technical analysis elliott wave day trading - YouTube Forex Forecast Elliott Wave for S&P 500, EUR/USD, AUD/USD ... Learn Forex Trading with Elliott Wave Theory asx 200 technical analysis elliott wave day trading bhp ...

Your Elliott Wave analysis paid off and you caught a huge upward move! You go to Las Vegas (or Macau), overconfident that everything you touch is a winner, blow all your forex profits on roulette, and end right back where you started. There are no Elliot Waves in a casino. Lucky for you…we have another hypothetical scenario where you can earn imaginary money again… Scenario 2: This time ... Elliott Wave Zigzag is the most popular corrective pattern in Elliott Wave theory . It’s made of 3 swings which have 5-3-5 inner structure. Inner swings are labeled as A,B,C where A =5 waves, B=3 waves and C=5 waves. That means A and C can be either impulsive waves or diagonals. (Leading Diagonal in case of wave A or Ending in case of wave C ... Elliott Wave Regular Flat Theory Elliott Wave Regular Flat is a 3 wave corrective pattern which could often be seen in the market nowadays. Inner subdivision is labeled as A,B,C , with inner 3,3,5 structure. Waves A and B have forms of corrective structures like zigzag, flat, double three or triple three. Third wave C is always 5 waves ... With only three hard-and-fast rules, Jim boils the Wave Principle down to the need-to-know basics that will help any trader become an Elliott wave trader. Order this 90-minute video now and learn how Jim's simple approach to finding high-confidence trade setups using the Wave Principle, combined with the tips and tricks learned over 20 years of trading, can help maximize your forex trading. Short term Elliott wave view in NASDAQ (NQ_F) suggests the Index ended the cycle up from February 1, 2020 low in wave 1 at 9687.50 high. The index then corrected that cycle up in wave 2 as a zig-zag. Wave ((a)) of 2 ended at 9655.50 low. The bounce in wave ((b)) ended at 9669.25 high. It then... Before we begin our discussion on how to trade Elliott Wave, let’s learn how the Elliott Wave theory was discovered.You will learn why the Elliott wave strategy is so popular today. In 1930, Ralph Nelson Elliott set out to learn about the stock market after experiencing losses in the 1929 stock market crash. Here you will find the daily Forex analysis based on the famous Elliott Wave theory.Five currency pairs are researched in each video — EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD, and USD/JPY. A Forex forecast is produced for each of them using the Elliott Wave count techniques and some supporting indicators.

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Forex Elliott Wave Zoom call 11-13 - YouTube

ASX 200 Technical Analysis Elliott Wave ASX 200 Technical Analysis:Bullish Corrective Pattern Elliott Wave count: Wave (c) of ii) ( Elliott Wave Zig Zag corr... Elliott Wave Theory - Motive Waves - Duration: 15:00. Trade With Trend 48,522 views. 15:00. Crisis and Opportunity: An Elliott Wave Overview of the Markets Robert Kelley - Duration: 46:39. ... ASX 200 BHP RIO CBA Technical Analysis Elliott Wave ASX 200 Technical Analysis:Bullish to 6500 then corrective Elliott Wave count: Wave (v) of i) completed, ... Elliott Wave Theory - Corrective Waves - Duration: 11:45. Trade With Trend 51,162 views. 11:45. Support and Resistance Secrets: Powerful Strategies to Profit in Bull & Bear Markets - Duration ... A short zoom session looking at potential trades for today and how to manage current positions. More Analysis, Videos and training sessions check our free te... Learn How to trade the markets using our strategic Elliott Wave Analysis. Spot very low risk entry areas, maximize profits by using tight stops and letting o... Forex Forecast Elliott Wave for S&P 500, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, Gold (November 16, 2020) In this video I will show you Elliott wave forecast on the following inst...